M a r h a b a .. the equation of love !!

Marhaba  is the greeting of warm welcome in Arabic,is believed to have come from Syriac origin. 

{Mar (Master or God) + Haba (Love) }

= God is Love

Noor is the multidisciplinary artist, who is focused on the mystical subjects like God's Names & Love . Based in UAE since 2002, he has his studio in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone ( SAIF ZONE ), and practices his art using mixed media, oil, acrylic and digital tech to create Paintings, Sculptures, Giclee, Ceramics and Installations.

His work is non figurative, abstract impressionistic, exploring the unknowable and the sacred, to find the path and balance of elements that connect with the sublime.



Z Gallery at Four Points Sheraton Dubai to Exhibit Ruminiscence series of paintings by Art Noor

Based  on the poetry of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, this collection is being exhibited at the "Z" Gallery located at Four Points Sheraton, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, from 14th January 2015. The special invitations for the opening night have been sent to the art circles and aficionados. The event is going to display 24 of Art Noor's works in this series and will be followed by the book release of the same name, later this year. The event has already generated a curious buzz, since this is the first ever showing of Ruminiscence, as a solo show, focused on the "verses of love" of the most revered poet of the Islamic Civilization.


 The Ruminiscence poster designed by the Four Points Sheraton