Visit ASMA -On Display at Dubai Mall through Ramadan 2018

ASMA Collection

Welcome to the studio of the paintings and prints of the contemporary fine artist Art Noor.

Noor is the multidisciplinary fine artist, who paints i the mystical subjects like God’s Names & Rumi’s Verses of Love, in his studio in Sharjah Airport Free Zone ( SAIF ZONE ).

Based in UAE since 2002, he practices his art using mixed media, oil, acrylic and digital tech to create paintings, which speak a unique language of spontaneity and spiritually charged ecstasy of devotion.

Art Noor’s Studio at Sharjah Airport Free Zone
To watch Allah’s beautiful names appear on Burj Khalifa, on a monumental scale, was a vision I had worked on for many weeks.
On the first evening of Ramadan, that vision become reality, as the gigantic show unfolded in front of my eyes.
A mesmerising experience which touches your spirit. Don’t miss it. It plays every hour after 7.45PM”  
Art Noor 

When the Light Meets the Prism, It reveals its colors within

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