And the Winners Are, Part I: The Winners of the 2017 Super Mega Crossword Contest

SPECIAL POST — A lot of solvers were kept busy over the holidays doing the “Super Mega” crossword contest in “Puzzle Mania.” Busy for a long time, too — the giant 53 x 53-square puzzle was not something easily raced through.

The cover of the December 17, 2017 Puzzlemania section.Credit…The New York Times

The object was to finish the puzzle and then submit, by email, the captions to the three cartoons in the corners of the grid. The captions were found interlocking with the regular answers of the puzzle.

One cartoon showed two prisoners hanging in a dungeon with their arms extended straight up in shackles. The first prisoner says: THE ONE MORNING I FORGET TO PUT ON DEODORANT.

Prestito 10000 euro

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