“I paint not because I grew up wanting to be painter. It was never my chosen career. Sometimes I suspect, there’s a conspiracy to get me to do it. When the push arrives, the intensity is unbearable and I become the paintbrush dipped in pure purple energy “
Splashes of Serendipity

How I became a painter??

Twenty years ago, if someone had said, you would be painting Allah’s divine names in future, I would find it hard to believe for three reasons.
First of which being the lack of training and discipline to work on a canvas for weeks and months
Second, I was living in New Delhi and running an advertising agency which routinely employed the creative artists, but only for creating the commercial advertising for television and print media. My only connection with painting was my friendship with some very well known painters, and occasional visits to much sought after events, whenever possible.
Third, the chore of mixing the paints and cleaning the brushes seemed out of sync with my habits and experience.

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“Noor’ was the title given by Directorate of Art, Sharjah to my first solo exhibition organised by them in 2004.
It consisted of 63 paintings of the 99 names of Allah. That was the beginning of a journey which continues till today.
Being a full time painter for fifteen years has taught me a lot. And I am still learning. slot online The abstract and infinite nature of the spiritual subject which I started off on, has become an obsession and the reason why I paint at all.
It keeps opening new doors and I feel, I haven’t created more than a thousand paintings, but they have made me”
“The Ramadan inspired LED show that Noor designed and produced for Burj Khalifa depicting the divine names, was chosen to be played on the façade of the world’s tallest tower many times in the evening.

A combination of artistic interpretation coupled with a spiritual concept, this show is being received with overwhelming response by both live and online audience.

Testimony to this is the fact that the video of the show has crossed two million views and still counting.”

Manjula Ramakrishnan,  Panorama, Gulf Today


How did ???

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The Asma Exhibition at Dubai Mall Opened in sync with the LED Show at the Burj Khalifa, 1st of Ramadan 2018.

Consisting of a hundred canvases, it set new benchmarks of elegance in exhibiting art at public places.

Spread over two floors over thousands of square feet of space, at the newly opened Fashion Avenue, it transformed Dubai Mall into a hottest art destination during the whole month.

ASMA Collection

In 2006, Noor set up a studio for doing his art, at distance of twenty kilometers from the city. It didn’t seem the best location to begin with. But it turned out to be blessing in disguise. How ??

Studio Tour

Timeline Photos

Art Noor's ASMA at the Dubai Mall ends tomorrow. You can visit today or tomorrow. The Mall is open till 2 PM.
You can also collect a commentary copy of the 99 book from any information desk at Dubai Mall.

Timeline Photos

Al Fattah - The Opener. Acrylic on canvas, painting by Art Noor, 190cmx140cm on display at ASMA - the exhibition of paintings of 99 Nanes of Allah at The Dubai Mall.

Timeline Photos

AL Baqi - The Everlasting. Acrylic on canvas, painting by Art Noor size 190cmx140cm, on display at ASMA - the exhibition of paintings of '99 Nanes of Allah' at The Dubai Mall.

A few days are left for the #Ramadan inspired LED show “The 99 Names of Allah” by @art_noor on #BurjKhalifa. Catch it every night starting at 7:45 pm onwards.

Yesterday, Rana of Al Ain TV came in to shoot the ASMA exhibition and caught up with Noor to have a quick interview for her TV Chanel.

Experienced the Canon Fire💥 to break the fast. In the vicinity of Burj Khalifa. And the serenity of the Ramadan evening with the sound of the soothing adhan which fills
the air at dusk.

Ramadan Kareem ♥️ll

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