Like art, life can be  transformed  with a single stroke sometimes called the defining moment. And that moment happened for me in the first month of 2003.

On a sabbatical from my advertising and technological career for about a year, I would often go to Sharjah Art Museum in the close vicinity of my flat, to browse their small but well stocked art library.

After one such immersive session, I asked the taxi to take me to industrial area where I had noticed a bunch of carpentry shops while passing by. Once there, I ordered a hundred wooden frames in size 80 cm x 80 cm, with the one who looked most organised and neat. On the way back I bought 40 meters of raw canvas, a box full of paints and half a dozen large sketchbooks.

That was the beginning of the journey without a destination, route map or the resources.

Fifteen Years later, what matters is that I am still travelling, and trying to discover viewpoints and insights into what lies within. Looking forward to the best which hasn’t been realised as yet.

Realising the Inner Core

Gulf Today – June 2017

Fragrance of Faith is a solo exhibition of paintings by Art Noor on the divine subject of 99 beautiful names of Allah. Being held at St Regis Dubai until July 2, the exhibits consist mainly of large scale works both in size and depth. Emphasising the need for learning to love one another, Art Noor’s current theme is all about fragrance, which not only looks beautiful but also feels beautiful. “The composition and texture of my work lends an unexpected dimension, alongside the rhythmic use of gestural strokes, shapes and spaces,’’ Art Noor told Panorama. More from the interview…

It usually starts on focusing on the limitations at hand; for instance, a limited colour palette or a particular composition or dimension. Once these are surmounted, the creative inspiration is not limited to a single spark but is more a steady flow, which progresses as my work assumes further shape. One idea leads to another and soon there evolves this giant canvas replete with my creativity and I stop only when fully satisfied.

Fragrance of Faith

Gulf Today –  February 25, 2016

Mar. 5 sees the opening of an art exhibition titled ‘Light & Love in the 99 Names of Allah’ by Noor, or Art Noor, as he is also known. Consisting of 33 abstract expressionistic works inspired by the 99 Names of Allah, it will be held until Apr. 16 at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, organised by MONDA Gallery, Dubai. Art Noor is a well-known Indian artist and author based in Sharjah. Of Muslim faith and originating from the advertising world, Art Noor broke away from his highly successful corporate career in advertising in 2002 to dedicate his time to art, and more particularly, to all topics related to the Creator, and Love.

Devout Display

Gulf Today – June 15, 2018

Like most important events in my life, this too came totally out of the blue. In the beginning of March, while casually browsing my twitter feed, I noticed a tweet by Burj Khalifa, posted a couple of weeks earlier, calling for entries for an international competition to design the multimedia LED show for its façade. The last date for the submission was a few days later, on March 9.
The moment I saw it, I wanted to do it. It took me a few days of constant work to put together a concept presentation and submit just a few hours before the submission deadline.

I heard back from them about 10 days later, informing me that they have shortlisted the entry but they wanted a version which would fit in exactly with their technical specifications. What followed was a very technology intensive exercise from my side, to go through the learning curve and come up with a final version ready to be played on the Burj Khalifa’s LED display system.

Artistic Anecdotes

Gulf Today – July 08, 2016

Light N Love is an exhibition of paintings by Art Noor at Sofitel, the Palm Dubai, in collaboration with Monda Gallery. The event that will run until the end of August has some of the artist’s favourite pieces, which the artist says, he “will miss dearly once sold out.” Noor speaks to Panorama about his work and current exhibits.

A creative search for what lies within me or that which seeks to find a tangible expression would best describe my artistic quest. All of us have an ego or the `I’ within us that is an illusion, which is made up of experiences and memories, but is not a true representation of who we are. One of my paintings based on the verse of Rumi titled, ‘I don’t exist’ depicts this exploration with blurred and washed-out silhouettes of the seeker. My artistic quest succeeds when I hear someone say a particular painting depicts them or touches their core. The comment proves I am a part of a much larger whole and not a lonely island in the middle of nowhere.

Painting  the soul

Gulf Today – February 13, 2015

Ruminiscence is a solo exhibition of thirty lyrical paintings by Art Noor, reflecting his admiration for the celebrated poet Rumi. What is clear from this collection is his extraordinary artistic ability to explore the mystical and the sacred, while using this creative exercise to connect with the divine.

The paintings demonstrate the diversity of his artistic endeavours and the universality of his appeal. While the muse has been Rumi’s verses, Art Noor’s work also depicts his personal reflections on life, art and identity.

The exhibition is being held at Z Gallery, Four Points Sheraton, Dubai and will run until the end of next month.

In the following interview, Art Noor talks elaborately about his work.

Rumi’s poetry has been a passion with me for more than twenty years, beginning in the early 90s when I picked up a book at Mumbai Airport. Riots raged in the city and I was stranded there for two days. By then, some of his verses had become the guiding light to my life-changing decisions. I did some canvases interpreting some of his verse into paintings, but these never left my studio.
In 2013, I started to compile a book of his selected verses and Ruminiscence is based on this. The book will be published soon, under the same title. In this current exhibition, I have focused on the verses of love, since this is the most desired and yet equally misunderstood concept in the world. Rumi’s focus on the egoless state – which is what love inspires and requires – is the subject of most of my paintings in this series.

Five Minutes with Art Noor

The National, May 05 2014

Art Noor is an Sharjah-based artist who currently has an exhibition at the World Trade Centre Souk in Abu Dhabi of his calligraphic works that depict the 99 Names of Allah. The show will be up during Ramadan. Here we catch up with him for a quick chat.

A: Although I tend to experiment with various styles and techniques depending on the subject, medium and the situation, a substantial body of my work is in the style of what I call “Lyrical Abstraction”. Spontaneity and movement is what drives my work and it usually evolves into something meaningful with the inspiration of the moment. Many times in the past my work has been interpreted as emotionally charged melodies.


Sarwat Abdul Razzak

DirectorARY Group “We commissioned a series of Paintings for our chairman, late Haji Abdul Razzak’s corporate office. Even after a decade, they  evoke a lot of appreciation both from international and local visitors.”

Sana Qayyum

Owner, Clothing Art, “I was lucky to have picked up a thousand art books , . We have used those as a memorable corporate gift, to spread the love and light. That’s what Noor and his art means much more to the connoisseur.”

Bregie Horsten

Contemporary Artist “The art of Noor is a mirror to the mind. The energy in strokes and texture makes it unique. Noor plays with the contrast of light & dark, soft & sharp, contemplation and expression.”

Erik Vedsegaard

GM Four Point Sheraton“It’s the first time I met with Art Noor, and I had the chance to walk with him in the exhibition, I was really surprised, when I had the artwork explained. I think its fantastic work. ”

Etienne Peereboom,

Founder, Monda Gallery“Noor’s work has been exhibited in high profile locations, and recognition has been strong from professionals and public alike.”

Khalid Al Owais

Entrepreneur “I have known Noor for many years and his evolution and art has always opened new door in my thinking and approach to life.”

Bopanna Bops

Marketing Manager & Art Collector“Over the years I landed up becoming a collector of his works. Fascinating and truly Inspiring Journey Indeed !”

Azam Khan

Director, Environ Interiors“I used  Noor to provide a solution for a requiring a large number of artworks. His grasp of the subject  made a complicated job look easy.”

Muhammed Yusuf

Art Critic, “Noor has the ability to condense immense subjects like ‘Nothingness’ & ‘Love’, into a few metres, feet or inches. Even after many rigorous years of work and meditation, he is still on his Journey. This humility is a shining aspect of his work, as it is of his person.”

Vanessa de Caires

Owner, Sulty Events, “We are delighted to bring the new set of paintings by Art Noor to The St. Regis Dubai. Each painting has a meaning and we hope to further enrich visitor’s knowledge of the beauty behind each of the names portrayed in the art pieces.”

Shereen Shabnam

PR Manager “Tonight I’m heading to the opening of an art exhibition at , celebrating “Light and love in the 99 names of Allah” through a series of works by well-known and long-standing artist & author Art Noor. My favourite Art Noor exhibition is called – Ruminiscence”

Manjula Ramakrishnan

Editor & Journalist, “A combination of artistic interpretation coupled with a spiritual concept, his show is being received with overwhelming response by both live and online audience. “